Meet  your new Goddess - Healah Sin

I am Healah, your new Goddess –  sophisticated & sensual, yet cruel and sadistic.  I am the Mistress who is going to lead you into the alluring world of submission. As a professional Dominatrix with a taste for tease&denial practices, I will take control of both your body and mind quicker than you think. I specialise in classic discipline and domestic discipline. My 4-year-experience in training men has led me to place connection at the centre of my D/s interactions. As a result, I am mostly interested in long-term servitude.I am a proud Sin Sister and together with my partners in crime Mistress Maya and owner of the Sin Sisters Dungeon - Mistress Melisande, we created the first play-space in Northern Poland. 

Artistic nature 

As well as being a professional Dominatrix, I work as a Graphic Designer and have been putting my skills to work for fellow Dominatrices and other sex workers, assisting with the design of their website and the graphics of their brand. I am in charge of the art direction of the Sin Sisters brand, have designed our main logo as well as every Sin Sister’s logo and am currently working on Maya Sin’s website for her new play-space in Paris.

I have also created a book on Japanese rope art Shibari, which will be released soon. This project has been an opportunity for me to combine my love for BDSM and my passion for art, especially photography and graphic design. From the graphic design to the printing process and bookbinding, everything has been thought with a great attention to detail.  


I am the young and ambitious, tall and beautiful Mistress you’ve always dreamt of. I will tease you with my wide hips, exquisitely beautiful feet and big round eyes. My inherently artistic nature also reflects itself in my well-groomed appearance. I am very visual and put great effort in the way I dress. My make-up, toenails and fingernails are always neat, and my hair silky-smooth. I like to highlight my pale complexion with defined, full and bright red lips. Under my powerful gaze your knees are going to go weak.  I have a preference for classic feminine attire, I adore high heels, traditionally cut dresses that underline my natural curves, but also love shiny fabrics such as leather, latex and PVC (e.g. Latex dresses, PVC boots, Pleaser shoes…). I also have a weakness for strong, oriental scents, suitable for a Dominatrix.  

My biggest go-tos in femdom are tease and denial practices and as I am quite sadistic - corporal punishment. I love caning, spanking, whipping. My favourite accessories are canes and heavy floggers. For those who do not consider themselves masochists I have good news as well. I adore everything related to foot fetish, licking, kissing, massaging.  Everything. But not only carresses interrest Me in this matter, I love food sploshing as well, I wil crush fruits with my feet and let you eat them, I will spit ice cream on my feet and tell you to lick it off.

I enjoy tying up my slaves, I love shibari and every kind of bondage there is. With ropes I will tie you, mummify you, make you immobile and vulnerable. 
During a prison stay with Me, you will be assigned many tasks, I will try both your body and mind. You will go through detailed slave training to mould you to serve my needs in the best way possible. Im strict and I will make you obey Me completely and your own desires are gonna help Me take control of your mind. 

 As I mentioned earlier, I like to take the D/s dynamic out of the dungeon and adapt in to a domestic setting, or going out for dinner with my submissives, whilst maintaining a certain level of power exchange. 

Kink Interests

Are you looking for a place where BDSM is more than just fun? At Sin Sisters Dungeon, We perceive the Femdom world as something more, as a philosophy or even art. All my sessions take place in The Sin Sisters Dungeon - a studio founded by Mistress Melisande Sin. Along with co-founder Maya Sin, I have helped creating the Sin Sisters Dungeon, and been a part of the collective since its very beginning back in 2018. The Sin Sisters Dungeon is a sanctuary for Female Domination and we pride ourselves on our unique approach to male submission. Our attitude towards the D/s dynamic stands out due to the fact that it goes way beyond mere play. We are supportive towards our submissives and besides wanting the best for us, we also want the best for them.Not only am I a proud Sin Sister but also the Headmistress of the studio. I lead extended sessions and prison stays, during which you will remain my captive. At my mercy, you will be trained to answer my every need. I run sessions of several hours, as well as extended role play sessions, which can last for a day, an evening with night stay or even a few days. We offer experiences that will make you lose yourself in them not only emotionally, but even spiritually. 

Sin Sisters Dungeon